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For two decades, Volante Technologies has been helping the world’s largest banks, payment services providers, market infrastructure providers, buy- and sell-side firms, and exchanges to simplify the complexity of financial messaging.

We have an extensive library of financial messaging standards covering multiple domains and we are making this library available to the developer community in the form of simple APIs. These APIs can be embedded in any infrastructure and can help construct, validate, transform, and/or create any financial message

All APIs are accessible as REST Services and come with following features:

  • Ability to submit a financial message via a RESTful web service
  • Use of JSON as data-interchange format and HTTP as communication protocol
  • Secure authentication with credentials that can be set by the user

These are fully hosted and managed services, and/or as on-premise deployable Java run-time libraries consumable via a lightweight SDK wrapper, should that be the preferred option for your requirements. Please refer to our API Catalog page for the services currently available for REST API- or Java SDK-based consumption.

Introduction to Volante's ISO API Service.
Introduction to Volante's Validator API Service.

API Catalog

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